Project Description

This was a job on a lovely big and chunky oak slab. It was originally 130mm thick but with some cupping from the drying process. Using our CNC machine, the piece was flattened on both sides, bringing the overall thickness to a still whopping 100mm thick. This chunky dining table top was then cut on the CNC with two sided machining with a 100mm radius on the corners to produce this thick and heavy oak dining table top. A final roundover was put on the cut edge on both sides. For a lovely couple in Penzance, this top was then passed on, ready for a bit of resin work, some sanding and then final finishing. We’ll hopefully receive some pictures of the final product soon!

We are going to aim to do more work with these chunky slabs in Cornwall. So please watch out for more. They look absolutely stunning in person so it will always be worth you popping down to the workshop to take a look at what we’ve recently made. Take a look at more of our portfolio for more!