At Kernow Coast Carpentry, we not only have access to, but own a full sized industrial CNC machine. The nature of the machine lends itself to an endless array of work. From flattening large slabs of hardwood, to making any and all forms of furniture. If you have any bespoke creations, bookcases, kitchens, wardrobes etc that you’d like machined using our CNC then please click the button below and tell us more.



With accuracy measured in micrometres rather than millimetres, the repeatable accuracy of a CNC is unparalleled.

We can complete large or small CNC jobs for your home or business. From an entire bespoke kitchen, to small speaker cabinets. From a bespoke made to measure set of wardrobes, to a cute unique house sign. We can make pretty much anything you can imagine from sheet materials and much more.

Birch Ply Speaker Build Cornwall 001


Through our CAD programs, we can create designs right through to the manufacturing process.

Cornwall CNC Cut Starcourt Lightbox Masked Ball

Completely Custom Designs

As a client, you can bring to us any logo or picture and there will be a way for us to create something completely custom for your needs. Whether it be stand out signage for a one off event, or for your company, if you have an idea, it’s likely we can accommodate you with the CNC.

Cornwall Reclaim CNC Engraving 001

Personalised Engravings

From personalised oak door stops to business signage, we can provide a wide array of engraved products for your home or business.

We work with lots of live edge timber, and thanks to our CNC, we can take out cupping and twisting with our flattening procedures.

We work closely with our neighbour companies who supply planked live edge hardwoods. Through the drying process, wood will cup and twist, but due to the machinery we have, we can then correct this and create stunning pieces of furniture. These finished products are unlike anything you will be able to buy at furniture stores, and so are truly unique and will become obvious focal points in your home. Please look through our portfolio for examples.

Cornwall CNC Flattening Service
Bespoke Cedar of Lebanon Bookcase Cornwall 004

We want to be working on far more bespoke and involved projects.

With years of experience in kitchen and bedroom fitting, we want to be getting more involved in design and build projects. From the drawing, to building the final project in our own workshop, we want to be providing a truly bespoke service. We will be able to create something truly unique for you, catered solely to you and not to the masses.

Feock Kitchen Cornwall 002
Newquay Bespoke Headboard Cornwall 006