Project Description

Another big job completed with Darryl Harding.
Darryl was approached to carry out the works for an exhibition for one of the large clothing companies in Cornwall and asked if it would be possible for me to be involved. I was more than keen to get to work with the company so obviously made the work fit an already tight schedule. @melwynnmarketing was the project manager on the job and so Darryl and Mel liaised through the nitty gritty before passing over final plans of the pieces I needed to make, which I then drew in CAD and built in the workshop over what was quite honestly, some of the longest days I’ve worked. I think it ended up being over 70 sheets of birch ply used for the project in the end. Included in the pictures are just a few shots of what was created. Once my work was complete, Darryl and Mel set the event up, and it honestly looked stunning. Hard work to get it all made in time, but well worth the effort, and it was great to work with another great company.