Custom Pegboards

Here at Kernow Coast, we can make pegboards of all types and sizes. We have drawn a parametric drawing on our powerful CAD software which basically means we can create pegboards with any size holes, any spacings in between and any margin wanted out of any sheet materials of your choosing. If you are unfamiliar with pegboards, they are boards with lots of arranged holes that you can then insert “pegs” into to hold shelves, or to act as hangers for items of your choosing. They are great for organising your spaces and look really good as well. They allow you to change your layout to your needs, and so are far more versatile than just screwing shelves up on the wall.

You can measure your wall space and send it over to us and we can make a pegboard to fit in your space perfectly. If you need a pegboard for heavy duty needs, then we can make the pegboard to suit. If you need a pegboard for your craft room and it needs to be small with smaller holes then we can make the pegboard to suit that also.

Take a looks at some of the examples of pegboards we’ve made and examples of configurations possible on our CAD software. Get in contact if you’d like a pegboard or would like to discuss further.