Project Description

This was a job completed for some nice Cornish builders renovating a lovely picturesque cottage at Carbis Bay, Cornwall. These awesome pieces of Oak were bought from our neighbours down at the workshop Cornwall Reclaim who we do a lot of work with. They were then brought over to our workshop to be processed and flattened for the customers. As you can hopefully see from these pictures, the CNC does a perfect job of flattening pieces like this. This Oak was of a high grade and so was lovely to flatten and will make awesome chunky windowsills for the customers in Carbis Bay. We’re hoping to get some pictures of the finished articles when we can.

If you’re based in Cornwall or close by (even further afield we can arrange delivery), and are after high quality timber for your building project, then get in contact and we’ll help you as best as we can. Have a deeper look through our website to see projects we’ve been involved with. We cover the whole of Cornwall and beyond, and we partake in unique, beautiful and interesting projects.