Cornwall CNC, Laser and Bespoke Carpentry


Falmouth Kitchen Cornwall 007

Specialising in CNC, laser, and bespoke carpentry, we are professionals at meeting the needs of our clients. We have extensive experience in all aspects of carpentry and we are completing masses of custom bespoke work with our machines. Our portfolio showcases the type of work we have completed, and our website is updated regularly to give you updates and ideas of the work we are currently carrying out.

Our workshop is on the road to Portreath and houses an 8×4′ CNC machine. This machine opens up realms of possibilities for us. From custom bespoke kitchen units and doors, to unique designs for parquetry. From bespoke tables, to custom engravings. The possibilities with this machine are truly only limited by your imagination. We serve the whole of Cornwall and beyond with CNC and bespoke carpentry solutions.

We also house a 130W, 1300mm x 900mm laser cutter. This machine has unbelievable accuracy and the kerf of its cut is so fine that it can cut incredibly sharp edges. Its uses are different to that of the CNC and it is incredibly useful for personalisation, engraving of logos, intricate panel cutting, the list goes on. It can cut a wide variety of materials well, and will provide the cleanest cut you’ll see on materials like acrylic.

We are excited to seek out and participate in the most unique jobs we can find. We would love to be more involved with bespoke kitchens, bespoke bedroom fit outs, one of a kind bespoke tables, unique bathroom furniture, one off living space furniture. Our CNC allows us to design and create completely unique pieces. Although our CNC is used to make our workflow more efficient, we also want to use it to create items that you have no chance of buying anywhere else. Our CNC will allow us to cut timber all the way up to 200mm thick in some cases, and so we have opportunities to create completely custom wood sinks, baths, and quite honestly, anything you can think up. There will be some way we will be able to make it work with the correct planning. Get yourself onto Pinterest or Google and bring some amazing ideas to us, we’d be glad to help.